Inspired by jewelry and fashion from across the world, The Lost Society's jewels are hand made in the USA, influenced by a love for travel and adventure. All of our semi precious stones and materials are collected and sourced from small villages and communities around the world. Every purchase helps to support small business owners and artisans everywhere! 


 AMANDA Designer/Founder

Meet Amanda, A Florida native and accomplished artist, photographer, and designer. Amanda started creating jewelry as a hobby in college five years ago, and has since expanded her business to include event planning and decorating, vintage rentals, home decor and refurbished vintage furniture. While pursuing a degree in Studio Art at Florida State University, she studied abroad and traveled in numerous countries, eventually finding herself falling in love with the cultures and art from different cities around the world.

 Her love for traveling, art, and fashion inspired her to create an evolving collection of hand-made jewelry and interior decor items known as The Lost Society

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